DLC’s Line Shack Winter was named the best western short story for March, 2013, and will be included in the latest annual anthology from FRONTIER TALES magazine!  Thanks for the votes!

Part 2 of Line Shack Winter is now featured at FRONTIER TALES magazine!  Please drop by, give it a quick read, and cast a vote for it as the best story of the month.  Thanks!

DLC’s short story Line Shack Winter, about how life in a remote ranch outpost is turned upside down when the boss’s teenage son shows up late one autumn to learn how to take care of stray cattle over the winter months, is serialized at FRONTIER TALES magazine, an online ezine specializing in Western fiction.  One of four new short stories featured for March, if Line Shack Winter gets enough votes as the best story it will be included in the ezine’s annual print anthology.