Me and MTB 1


In a conversation with a friend — Marshall Tucker Band co-founder, lead singer and bandleader Doug Gray — DLC was invited onstage to play guitar during the MTB FallsFest appearance at the Wichita Falls, Texas Kay Yeager Coliseum on Saturday, September 28.  An avid fan of the band since he was a young teenager just learning to play lead guitar techniques, DLC’s own musical efforts were in many ways deeply influenced by the legendary group of fellow South Carolina-born southern rockers, and he was happy to accept the invitation.

Doug and me

DLC has played large shows with major artists many times before, so the coliseum setting was nothing new.  But playing lead guitar in the style of the late Toy Caldwell (original MTB guitarist and songwriter, and one of DLC’s primary guitar influences) with the Marshall Tucker Band was one of the most personally satisfying musical experiences of DLC’s career, and some of the most fun he’s ever had onstage. (Photos: DL Chance, on guitar, with the Marshall Tucker Band.)