A variety eras and  locations across the Western United States keeps The Legend Of Katie Dollar quick-paced and fun.

The Legend Of Katie Dollar FRONT COVER ONLYThese dozen stories of common people, set from the gritty frontier of the mid-1800s to the glittering dawn of the 21st Century feature plenty of action, some suspense, a little heart-tugging emotion and a healthy helping of the distinctive brand of humor DLC is becoming known for.

The Logger’s Inheritance, Dinner In Town, Brady Hammer Stole A Pie, Wilbur And The Dour Demon, The Deaf Man’s Demise, The Great Buney Standoff and the title story were reader favorites and, in some cases, award winners when they originally appeared, and the poignant Christmas fable Hannah’s Miracles is well on its way to becoming a classic American tale of hardship and hope.

“As always, I want it to be a good use of words,” DLC says of the collection, “but I also want it to be entertaining, with maybe a little something to think about thrown in.”

The Legend Of Katie Dollar is definitely that, and more.