Around the first of March, 2015, DLC noticed that he was getting exhausted easily, and often fighting for breath after the least exertion. Chest tightness and breathing distress while sleeping soon followed, and he realized something was wrong; something serious enough that he might need to do the unthinkable, and go see a doctor.  So he did.

A few tests and x-rays later, and DLC was diagnosed with an enlarged heart (from a “silent heart attack” he didn’t even know had happened) and Congestive Heart Failure.  Treatment, he was told, would include medicationsDon Chance Sept 2014  BW and cutting out all strenuous activities – such as playing live shows.

Although he continues to play piano at church, DLC has cancelled all bookings until the end of 2015, and hopes to resume personal appearances in January.

In the meantime, in addition to finishing up a few writing projects, he plans to record enough new original material for at least two albums, as well as a couple piano-based CDs of classic old-time Gospel instrumentals.

“I’ll follow the doctor’s orders and take care of myself, and be back healthier than ever,” DLC says. “I’m nowhere near done!”