A New Print Anthology Featuring Another DLC Short Story Is Here!

My short story Dixie Southern is featured in the new print anthology MIDNIGHT TRAIN.

It’s a fun little ghost story from Central Alabama, and it might even be true!

Check it out at:



Another new print anthology features a DLC short story!

GHOST STORIES Western Style has a fascinating collection of short stories set in the Old West.


The new Twit Publishing Presents PULP! print anthology features a DLC short story

A new short story anthology from Twit Publishing is now available at all the usual online outlets.

Featuring the delightfully ghostly western The Ugly Man’s Gold, by D.L. Chance, PULP! Winter/Spring 2012 is easily among the best of the acclaimed series so far.

It’s just a lot of fun!

New Anthology Featuring A DLC Short Story Now Available

Hey, Heroes & Heretics, a new print anthology featuring my short story An Offering For Sister Rachael, has just been released by Pulp Empire!

And apparently, according to the publishers, I’m one of “…the most talented new stars of pulp…” fiction.

Not bad!

Heroes & Heretics is now available at Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/Heroes-Heretics-Pulp-Empire-ebook/dp/B006N9W78A/ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_4).

Hope you like it!


“Line Shack Winter” submitted for Spur Award from Western Writers of America

I had several short stories published in 2011 that were eligible for the Spur Award from the Western Writers of America (it’s like the Oscar for western fiction), but I decided to concentrate strictly on the one I personally liked best. Thanks to Carolyn and Jennifer at BooksToGoNow for publishing it! It’s available for download at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and a few other online outlets, and is nicely priced for a quick and inexpensive visit to the lively frontier past.