Another Review of THE SPECULATIVE EDGE Debut Edition, and the DLC Short Story There.


“…The second title (The Speculative Edge [sic]) is new, a digest sized magazine with four stories and a number of poems and reviews, as well as interviews and articles. The story by D.L. Chance is the high point of the issue. Although I found much of the nonfiction interesting, I thought it diluted the magazine substantially. An interesting and potentially worthwhile addition to the genre but I think it needs a sharper focus.”  -Don D’Ammassa

A DLC short story is featured at a Western fiction ezine!

DLC’s Line Shack Winter was named the best western short story for March, 2013, and will be included in the latest annual anthology from FRONTIER TALES magazine!  Thanks for the votes!

Part 2 of Line Shack Winter is now featured at FRONTIER TALES magazine!  Please drop by, give it a quick read, and cast a vote for it as the best story of the month.  Thanks!

DLC’s short story Line Shack Winter, about how life in a remote ranch outpost is turned upside down when the boss’s teenage son shows up late one autumn to learn how to take care of stray cattle over the winter months, is serialized at FRONTIER TALES magazine, an online ezine specializing in Western fiction.  One of four new short stories featured for March, if Line Shack Winter gets enough votes as the best story it will be included in the ezine’s annual print anthology.

Another New Print Anthology Includes TWO SciFi Short Stories By DLC


Released in late May, The Colonies features two of DLC’s most popular Sci Fi short stories.

REVIEWS of The Cosmic Stringbusters, by DLC, as it appears in The Speculative Edge magazine


“‘The Cosmic Stringbusters,’ by D. L. Chance, opens the magazine’s short fiction set with a sci-fi yarn infused heavily with bluegrass. Now since bluegrass runs deep in my veins (being from Western Kentucky, where bluegrass was literally born and living in the selfsame city where the International Bluegrass Museum is located) I was immediately curious about this story. On board a space vessel with a mission of spending 100 years away from earth the people are segregated into two groups: those that look back to Earth and those that look to the future. Suffice it to say that there is some tension between the two. “The Cosmic Stringbusters” is more philosophic than action-filled, but it was nevertheless a rather unique and fun story to begin with.”  by Logan K. Stewart for Rememorandom

“…that said, ‘The Cosmic Stringbusters‘ by D L Chance is a very good take on the social problems likely to be encountered in a generation starship. It elegantly questions whether the psychological pressures of the journey will be better faced by abandoning the past and only looking forward, or whether censorship of those things reminding people of the past would, in its own right, cause more problems than it would solve.”  by David Marshall for Thinking About Books


“This one is a monthly fiction and review magazine. The first issue has a pile of interviews, stories and reviews. It’s more than 80 dad-gum pages, which is a metric ton compared to most publications.

D.L. Chance’s story “Cosmic Stringbusters” is fun sci-fi. It’s the main event in the first issue. The tone set by the editor and the reviewers is just like I personally like it; clever and witty. That’s what we do here at RevolutionSF. So, naturally, Speculative Edge gets the thumbs up from me there.”  by Joe Crowe for

A New Sci-Fi Print Magazine Features A DLC Short Story

Launching in August, The Speculative Edge features “The Cosmic Stringbusters.

Edited by Shane Collins, The Speculative Edge might not be published on cheap pulp paper, but DLC is proud to have his early Sci Fi work made available in the tradition of the great Sci Fi authors he has read for so much of his life, such as Robert Heinein, Frederick Pohl, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Azimov, Poul Anderson, Lester del Rey, L. Ron Hubbard, Jack Vance, Arthur C. Clark, on and on.